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About Graphite

Isostatic graphite with layer crystal structure has many attractive characteristic which metal and ceramic do not have.

Those characteristic are ;

  • Excellent in heat resistance
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Higher Strength at Higher Temperature
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Good Thermal Conductivity
  • Good Electrical Conductivity
  • Self-Lubricating Property

Isostatics graphite has been used in many application such as Semi-conductor, Solar cells, Nuclear, Continuous Casting, Jig & devise and EDM. For more than 45 year, IBIDEN has been producing Isostatic graphite which meets customer demand in various application and industry.

Persistence of IBIDEN

To meet continuously changing customers requirements


New products development to worldwide support

Integrated productions from materials development to production, machining and surface finish enable us to meet customers’ requirements. IBIDEN Graphite Korea(Material Production site) and other production and sales offices support customers worldwide.


Surface Finish Technologies

Our surface finish technologies enable us to offer graphite products which have higher resistance against carbon dust, siliconization and oxidation. We can provide surface finish technologies to areas which customers request. We provide a best solution by consulting with customers.


Bonding Technology

Our bonding technology enables us to offer products with complex and unlimited size which cannot be realized by monolythic parts.


Please consult with us for any matters.


Graphite for Every Application

IBIDEN Graphite Has a Range of Material Properties and Sizes Designed to Fit a Wide Range of Applications by latest technologies. Semiconductor, Casting furnace, EDM, Glass etc.


High Purity Graphite

All IBIDEN Graphite Grades Are High Purity Material. Manufactured Using High Purity/Quality Cokes, Pitch Material and the Latest Technology.


IGK. State of the Art Graphite Manufacturing Plant.



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